Nootropics Review: Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a known herb and nootropic that has been used widely for several years. It’s believed to boost the nervous system, fight off depression, improve immunity, increase energy levels, enhance memory and aids in weight loss. The herb is a highly potent adaptogen. Adaptogens are chemicals that enhances the body’s overall defense while optimizing body functions [1][2].

Stress Fighting

Rohdiola RoseaIn the event of a stressful event, taking in adaptogens creates a non-specific resistance that lets our body handle any stressful situation reasonably. It’s theorized that adaptogens function by enhancing the capability of cells to create and utilize cell fuel efficiently.

Rhodiola Rosea appearing to have a significant impact on the levels of central monoamine, it may also offer advantages and the primary adaptogen choice in illnesses characterized by an unbalanced monoamines in the central nervous system. This remains consistent with claims of improvement in schizophrenia and depression. It’s been suggested that research in areas such as chronic fatigue, seasonal affective disorder, fibromyalgia, and others have been observed.

Claims were also made indicating that the nootropic can treat asthenic conditions, physical and mental strain, and other viral-based illnesses. Two random and controlled clinical studies were done on the herb’s extract offer concrete evidence on its adaptogen properties [2] [3].

Memory Enhancement

Clinical studies via proofreading tests showed that the Rhodiola Rosea significantly improved the ability to recall and concentration over a prolonged period. It enhances the electrical activity within the brain, thus enhancing mental energy and memory.

In another study, forty students were randomly offered a 50 mg dose of the herb’s extract or placebo twice a day in a 20-day period. Students who received the extract showcased improvements in mental performance, physical fitness, and overall well-being. Those same subjects also saw a dip in mental fatigue, improved sleeping patterns, mood stability, and increased motivation to study. Average test scores between students taking the nootropic and placebo were at 3.47 and 3.20 respectively [4].

Immune System Benefits

Rhodiola Rosea shields and triggers the immune system by normalizing the metabolic balance of the body. It also multiplies the natural killer cells within the spleen and the stomach. Such action may be a result of hormone normalization via modulation of glucocorticoid release in the body [4] [5].

Other Notable Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

There are a number of other benefits observed from taking the nootropic. Its capable of regulating blood sugar levels protects the liver from toxins and improves hearing [6]. The herb is also capable of breaking down fats and mobilizing lipids from the adipose tissue to the fat burning system to promote weight loss [7].

Rhodiola Rosea enhances thyroid function without triggering hyperthyroidism and delaying the aging process. It improves the adrenal gland reserves without any hypertrophy [2]. For many years, the nootropic is shown to enhance erectile dysfunction/premature ejaculation while balancing prostatic fluid [8].


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