Nootropics Review: CILTEP

CILTEP is a nootropic and supplement made to enhance and maintain brain capabilities in terms of motivation, memory, and concentration. It’s a new nootropic made from a mixture of forskolin and artichoke extract, and it functions in conjunction with choline-enhancing nootropic stacks.

CILTEP basically stands for Chemically Induced Long-Term Potentiation. It enhances learning and memory by optimizing and giving support to the levels of intracellular second messengers [1].

Benefits and Targeted Users

CILTEPMost users say the nootropic creates a potent effect similar to that of Modafinil, another known nootropic. CILTEP works ideally for individuals who are struggling to learn new content, and concentrating on a series of tasks that can last for several hours.

CILTEP processes are precious to nootropic users for a number of reasons. It has a powerful and positive effect in memory. Since long-term potentiation aids in our ability to utilize and store new information, it can be useful for studying and learning a new set of skills. Another positive effect of the nootropic is its amplifying activity of neurotransmitters such as that of dopamine, and acetylcholine. This leads to a significant improvement in cognition and overall learning speed.

Certain individuals may look into CILTEP as a way of enhancing athletic capabilities since it also improves particular sensitivity in some hormones. This could be useful in workouts and recovery time by biologically manipulating the chemistry of the body [2] [3].

Stack Ingredients

An interesting aspect of the CILTEP stack is that you don’t have to utilize certain ingredients in order for it to remain useful or for it to work. The mechanisms of CILTEP happens with synergy of several pharmacological chemical classes. — each consisting of a factor in aiding the other [4].

cAMP Increase

Typically, the CILTEP effects are made by spiking the cyclic adenosine monophosphate levels, or cAMP. cAMP is a basically a molecule that conducts second messaging, which involves signal transmission from the outer and internal cellular parts. In a precise manner, cAMP lets certain hormones (glucagon and adrenaline for instance), to influence their mechanisms on cells and triggering protein kinases. When you utilize more of it, the neurotransmitters efficiently function since their signals on the cells act proficiently [5].

PDE4 Inhibitor

Increasing cAMP directly may be the most limited flexibility of the CILTEP equation since forskolin is utilized. But a significant factor responsible for increasing cAMP is the inhibition of PDE4, a chemical largely responsible for its natural breakdown. Since there is a plethora of chemicals that inhibit PDE4, it’s deemed to be an all-around substance within the stack.

One notable option is Rolipram, an unpopular Racetam drug that has been utilized to inhibit PDE4. It’s rarely used in practice due to its side effects, among them being vomiting and nausea.

The PDE4 inhibiting properties from CILTEP is sourced from an artichoke extract in luteolin form. Such substance functions as an immunity booster and an anti-oxidant aside from its inhibition characteristics [6] [7].

CILTEP Sources and Effects

The contents required for CILTEP are easy to find. They can be selected from a shop or ordered via the internet in the form of powder or capsules. No standard dosages are indicated for each stack part, but it’s advisable to take a standard dose per ingredient to gain the appropriate CILTEP effect. It can take as long as a week to feel its effects.

Side effects of the nootropic are minimal since it’s practically safe to slightly increase cAMP levels. It’s important to take note that PDE4 inhibitors are notorious for causing nausea at high concentrations.


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