Nootropc Review: Coluracetam

Being one of the new members of the Racetam family, Coluracetam made its first registration with PubChem back in 2005 via the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, which was given to Brain cells Inc.later. Brain cells did a majority of testing on the nootropic including its Phase 2A trials, which wrapped up in 2010 for treating Major Depressive Disorder with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. No significant results were shown for individuals possessing one of the two conditions [1] [2] .

Mechanism of Coluracetam

Coluracetam structureColuracetam seems to have completely defined processes; the first involving increase affinity choline uptake and the potentiation of AMPA. As in cases with a few Racetam members, the nootropic has been proven to facilitate AMAP potentiation, which is known to enhance memory, learning, and wakefulness [3].

What’s particularly interesting with Coluracetam is its functionality in terms of high-affinity choline uptake. Choline uptake plays a significant role in the synthesis mechanism of Acetylcholine within the brain by functioning as “rate limiter.” The step of rate limiting gives the brain a chance to convert Choline into Acetylcholine within the neuron. With increasing choline uptake, the mind is ready to convert the choline into Acetylcholine. By enhancing the capability of converting the choline to Acetylcholine, in theory, it should enhance alertness, attention, and memory in humans [4].

Notable Benefits

The initial observed benefit of Coluracetam is in its ameliorating influence of glutamate neurotoxicity. Cortical cultures were extracted from fetal mice treated with a chemical that triggers glutamate toxicity. The cultures were treated via the nootropic for 12hours to one day. After a period of exposure, it was observed that Coluracetam ameliorated the effects of exposure [5].

Another benefit observed with the nootropic was minimizing the learning deficits in rates via the Morris Water Maze test. Adult rats within the experimented group were given a cholinergic neurotoxin. The controlled group involved healthy rats. With the group, Coluracetam significantly minimized learning deficits related with neurotoxin administration without triggering any serious side effects such as hypothermia, drooling, or tremor. It seems that from such study, the nootropic had little effect on the healthy rats than it did with the experimented group [6].

The last well-known benefit of the nootropic signifies long-term improvement in individuals with learning impairment. Rats were treated with a cholinergic neurotoxin AF64A and administered repetitive dosages of Coluracetam for 8-straight days at 3 mg per kg per day. Scientists concluded that after72 hours of the last administration of the nootropic, rats with learning impairment still showcased improvements in the Morris Water Maze test [6] [7].

During the experiment, scientists also conducted a test as to whether or not Coluracetam can be detected in the body of rats at the time of the test. They found that while the rats were showcasing positive effects from its previous administration, Coluracetam content within their systems were negligible [6] [7].

Dosages of Coluracetam

COLURACETAMOf the experiment conducted in adult rats, the dosage schedule ranged from 1 mg per kg to 10 mg per kg daily. At the high-end dosage range, the dose in average human adult is equivalent to 2.9 mg per kg.This is around 203.5 mg/day for an average human weight [6].

Just recently, BrainCells Inc., concluded the Phase2A trials of Coluracetam, going under the monikerBCI-540, where they administered up to 80 mg thrice daily of the drug for adult humans suffering from a  Major Depressive Disorder. 36% of the participants showcased improvements in their scores on the drug test [1].

Toxicity of Coluracetam

Phase 2A trials done by Brain Cells Inc. indicated that 80 mg of the nootropic given thrice daily showed no side effects. At that time, it was deemed the highest dosage schedule for the drug [1].


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