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Nootropic Review: Phosphatidyl Serine

Phosphatidyl Serine is a nootropic and a phospholipid created by the brain that offers a plethora of benefits to the body. It’s actually found in almost every cell in the body, but it’s typically abundantinbrain cells. While it’s naturally produced in the brain, this particular fat can also be taken from meat, dairy products, supplements, and vegetables. As a matter of fact, most supplements with Phosphatidyl Serine are popular because of the advantages they give to the body. Physiological and Mental Benefits Phosphatidyl Serine is widely said to be one of the best nootropic supplements around. In a couple double blind experiments, Phosphatidyl Serine has been proven to enhance cognitive abilities in older people while increasing focus, general knowledge, and memory. Essentially, it’s a potent nootropic that enhances overall fitness, cardiovascular function, and cognitive capabilities of a person. It enhances mental clarity, concentration, and awareness. The nootropic is dubbed to be “brain food” that gives nourishment and enhancement of brain function even in the elderly. Ingesting Phosphatidyl Serine is very effective in minimizing a person’s risk of going through life-threatening diseases. As a matter of fact, recent clinical trials indicate that the phospholipid feature potent ingredients that prevent a person from developing hypertension and to also treat atherosclerosis. Memory Enhancements Phosphatidyl Serine has been proven time and again in enhancing cognitive function. Studies indicate that it does a very good job in boosting concentration and focus of a person. In addition, it aids in enhancing one’s learning capabilities while minimizing symptoms of memory loss as a result of old age.This specific fat regulates the release and creation of neurotransmitters in the brain. It’s highly effective in treating and curbing dementia development. Brain Function Studies have indicated that Phosphatidyl Serine production in the brain is decreased as one grows older.This typically leads to age-related memory problems. The nootropic does a very good job in treating Alzheimer disease symptoms primarily triggered by the disruption of the functional area of the brain that controls language, thought, and memory. Ingesting 300 mg of Phosphatidyl Serine daily for two months greatly minimizes symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Some studies have revealed that Phosphatidyl Serine capable of enhancing cell membrane health and lowering stress hormone levels in the body. It’s also believed to be effective in minimizing stress levels.The chemical aggressively fights off stress induced by exercise by lessening cortisol levels produced by the adrenal glands during stress. Mental Treatment and Physical Benefits A clinical study done several years ago indicated that taking in Phosphatidyl Serine effectively minimizes depression symptoms and depression in older women.Scientists say the depression is primarily caused by chemical unevenness in the brain during a stressful situation such as death of a loved one or accidents. By modifying stress impact, the nootropic curbs the occurrence of depression symptoms. Phosphatidyl Serine is very beneficial in building up muscles during endurance training and workouts.It enhances muscle recovery time between rigorous workouts. It minimizes soreness of muscles from workouts while enhancing physical performance. Some scientists and doctors say that Phosphatidyl Serine is helpful to children diagnosed with ADHD. In addition, the nootropic does a good job in regulating a user’s mood.

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Nootropic Review: Huperzine A

Huperzine A (otherwise known as Hupa) is a nootropic found in Huperzia Serrata, a Chinese herb. The alkaloid is highly effective in enhancing memory and cognitive capabilities especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s. In China, where Huperzine A is utilized for Myasthenia Gravis and Alzheimer’s treatment, scientists studied the mental abilities of patients with Alzheimer’s. Clinical Studies In a highly controlled experiment, over 60 patients between ages 50 to 80 years with impaired mental abilities were given dosages of Huperzine A (at 200micrograms, twice each day) or placebo in a span of60 days. They were observed via a number of physiological and psychological tests to determine their physical and mental status prior and after treatment. The experiment was made to determine if Huperzine A was effective in the form tablets or capsules. Based on a number of psychological tests which includes memory function, rates of improvement in patients went as high as 70%. There were hardly any differences between those taking capsules and those ingesting tablets. Researches also made further observations of Huperzine A on its damaging properties against oxygen-free radicals in the plasma and red blood cells of patients. Biochemical studies indicated improvements though they were not referenced on values of healthy individuals of the same age group. Experts are speculating that long-term treatment with Huperzine A may be needed to deliver optimal results. The study has repeatedly confirmed previous safety and effectiveness of Huperzine A. The only side effect observed were insomnia and nausea, but again without differences between tablet and capsule takers. Users Benefitting from Huperzine A When a nootropic that enhances mental capabilities in the elderly functions in a similar fashion to the young, it becomes interesting. Based on what Chinese researchers have observed in a study made to figure out the effectiveness of Huperzine A on cognition and memory in teens, they’ve handpicked 30normal middle school students, who have complained of learning difficulties and poor memory. The pairing was completed based on sex, age, memory results and psychological health for guaranteed and meaningful comparisons. Through the use of such criteria, researchers didn’t find any statistic a baseline differences between students on both groups wherein one was administered with Huperzine A and the other with a placebo. In a blind experiment, a member of each pair, picked in a random manner, was offered 100 micrograms of Huperzine A twice daily for a month, while the other received a placebo. Memory quotients of students were measured prior and after the trial. Their academic results in Math, English, and Chines ewere also being closely monitored. Results from the study showed that those taking Huperzine A scored a lot better than those taking a placebo in terms of standard memory tests. They’ve also done a lot better in their English and Chinese letters and slightly higher in Math. No side effects were observed throughout the whole study. Huperzine A vs. Prescription Drugs Huperzine A is said to be far superior to drugs like that of Donepezil or Tacrine, which are acetylcholinesterase inhibitors prescribed for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. There’s no question that such drugs are highly effective, but it’s chemicals stemming from natural sources that are more preferred than synthetic drugs made by chemists. This is because naturally-produced supplements are far safer and free from harmful side effects.

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Review of Racetams

Nowadays, competition is fiercer than ever and it’s typical to expect those with sharper minds to have a bigger chance of reaping rewards more than anyone else. For such reason, people who lack the mental capability would look around for a supplement that would offer them a chance at competing against the best of the best. Nootropics, most especially Racetams, are ideal for such reason. Nootropics, or otherwise termed as “brain-enhancing drugs,” have been proven to enhance a wide range of brain functions. Mental sharpness, concentration, mood, and attention span are some of the notable benefits observed when using Racetams. Piracetam, the first Racetam developed years ago, was synthesized in the 1960s by a Romanian chemist.In the past few years, the drug has generated a lot of buzz for students looking for an effective studying stimulant that would help them prepare for exams ordeal with homework or projects. Users for Racetam As previously indicated, students are likely the most avid buyers of Racetam, but they’re not the only ones who stand to benefit greatly from the drug in their daily living. For instance, business owners or corporate executives can also attain its benefits and the same goes for any individual who requires mental focus to work in a highly stressful and rapid environment. Racetams are technical the magic potion one can take for enhanced brain function. Compared to other supplements, which are typically subjected to false claims and misinterpretations, Racetams has solid evidence that prove its effects in brain function. The substance achieves this by stimulating a number of neurotransmitters in the brain to work simultaneously for enhanced cognitive function. Through this, no false claims have ever been made in Racetams, which make it no-brainier as a safe and proven drug for anyone. Risks and Usage Like any other concerned consumer, it’s important to look into the side effects or dangers related to the substance before jumping on the bandwagon. While effectively enhancing a person’s mental focus has a lot of benefits, it won’t matter if serious health risks are involved. The good news with Racetam pills is that they’re safe to ingest. Provided that you adhere to recommended doses, you won’t likely have to run into any serious side effects or face other health problems. On the other side of the coin, serious side effects of using Racetam for a long time are still not known and are extremely rare. Such side effects include tension, irritability, depression, and nausea.If you do experience any or some of these symptoms, it’s recommended to immediately stop taking the drug. Buying Racetams Nowadays, it’s very easy to get a supply of Racetams. One important thing you need to know is that Racetams today are marketed under a number of brand names and sold from different places around the world. The only way to guarantee a safe and trusted purchase is to look through reputable sites and doing a bit of homework on the products they’re selling. At the same time, pay close attention to sites that offer bogus or hard-to-believe products.  

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Review of Piracetam

Anyone who feels that their lack of mental focus and sharpness are letting them down should really look into what nootropics have to offer. Such substances are capable of pushing your mental capabilities beyond their natural limits. When it boils down to nootropics, Piracetam is a popular pick for many. Piracetam made its entry in the 1960s from a Romani a chemist, Corneliu E. Giurgea, who first synthesized the substance. Giurgea had little knowledge of coming across a substance that actually boosts brain function. Compared to other nootropics the value of Piracetam is solely for its amazing ability to trigger brain function such as improving mood, concentration, and mental focus. For this reason, the substance has been labelled as the “king” of all nootropics since it’s genuinely effective compared to other recently developed nootropics. Mechanisms of Piracetam It’s been speculated that the primary sole of the drug’s power is in its ability of increasing AMPA and NDMA receptor function. Furthermore, Piracetam is also believed to operate as a vasodilator since it triggers blood circulation. These properties are all adequate indicators of proper brain function. Piracetam and Safety If the ideal dosage of Piracetam is followed, you won’t experience any undesirable side effects. Comprehensive research studies show that the substance is completely safe and that side effects are relatively minimal for the most part. Until now, there have been any reports that indicate Piracetam to be anything other than safe in the majority of cases. Although there have been very rare side effects observed in some which include headaches, fatigue, nausea, depression, and even an upset stomach. Regardless, you can still purchase Piracetam and utilize it freely without any worries. Ideal Dosage When you’re thinking of purchasing Piracetam, it’s never a good idea to pop the cap simply just open and take in a handful indiscriminately. Like any other drug, it’s essential to stick with the ideal dose at all times. Even if you’re in need of added mental sharpness, it’s it’s never safe to hike up beyond the recommended dosage. While the usual dose is all it takes to improve cognitive function, individuals suffering from DVT or Reynaud’s disease may require a doctor’s prescription for bigger doses. This is because Piracetam is known for its blood coagulation function. There shouldn’t be any difficulty being confused with both since Piracetam has other useful medical applications.

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