Most nootropics are not approved by the United States FDA for use on humans and therefore we strictly adhere to these guidelines.

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Most racetams work primarily by increasing the effectiveness of acetylcholine by acting as positive allosteric modulators at the receptors. This increase in cholinergic effectiveness is believed to be the primary nootropic action behind many racetams. Some racetams also work as ampakines and have glutamatergic activity which may also influence processes of cognitive functioning.

Racetams have been not been evaluated for human use in the United States but have some in-depth medical research and trial in other countries.

Regardless, racetam nootropics and their combination with other racetams or nootropics is an area of interest to scientific and medical communities within the United States and other countries.

Racetams - piracetam, aniracetam, oxiracetam and others


We have an extensive inventory of ampakines. Unlike common racetam nootropics, ampakines have less area of study. Regardless of this fact, they still have just as much if not more interest in many research communities. Ampakine nootropics are not approved as drugs within the United States. It is a large possibility that new and already existing ampakine nootropics may become available as research and studies become more developed in the future.

Unlike racetam nootropics, ampakines affect the glutamate receptors in human and animal models. This is believed to be the main source of their nootropic effects on the brain. More studying and research needs to be invested in this area as these chemicals may have great use one day.

Since ampakines are not well studied or evaluated, they still do not FDA approval in the Unitied States.

Acetylcholine Precursors

Acetylcholine smart drugs - alpha GPC, citicoline, centrophenoxine and moreThere are a wide variety of chemicals that we carry that are used both as chemicals or OTC drugs.

Acetylcholine chemicals are a group of chemicals and drugs that influence levels of acetylcholine in the brain in both humans and animals. How the specific chemical influences acetylcholine will differ from substance the substance. Some of these nootropics work by synthesizing acetylcholine while others assist in the production process of acetylcholine.

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