Review of Piracetam


piracetamAnyone who feels that their lack of mental focus and sharpness are letting them down should really look into what nootropics have to offer. Such substances are capable of pushing your mental capabilities beyond their natural limits. When it boils down to nootropics, Piracetam is a popular pick for many.

Piracetam made its entry in the 1960s from a Romani a chemist, Corneliu E. Giurgea, who first synthesized the substance. Giurgea had little knowledge of coming across a substance that actually boosts brain function.

Compared to other nootropics the value of Piracetam is solely for its amazing ability to trigger brain function such as improving mood, concentration, and mental focus. For this reason, the substance has been labelled as the “king” of all nootropics since it’s genuinely effective compared to other recently developed nootropics.

Mechanisms of Piracetam

piracetam structureIt’s been speculated that the primary sole of the drug’s power is in its ability of increasing AMPA and NDMA receptor function. Furthermore, Piracetam is also believed to operate as a vasodilator since it triggers blood circulation. These properties are all adequate indicators of proper brain function.

Piracetam and Safety

If the ideal dosage of Piracetam is followed, you won’t experience any undesirable side effects. Comprehensive research studies show that the substance is completely safe and that side effects are relatively minimal for the most part.

Until now, there have been any reports that indicate Piracetam to be anything other than safe in the majority of cases. Although there have been very rare side effects observed in some which include headaches, fatigue, nausea, depression, and even an upset stomach. Regardless, you can still purchase Piracetam and utilize it freely without any worries.

Ideal Dosage

When you’re thinking of purchasing Piracetam, it’s never a good idea to pop the cap simply just open and take in a handful indiscriminately. Like any other drug, it’s essential to stick with the ideal dose at all times. Even if you’re in need of added mental sharpness, it’s it’s never safe to hike up beyond the recommended dosage.

While the usual dose is all it takes to improve cognitive function, individuals suffering from DVT or Reynaud’s disease may require a doctor’s prescription for bigger doses. This is because Piracetam is known for its blood coagulation function. There shouldn’t be any difficulty being confused with both since Piracetam has other useful medical applications.